How To Get The Most Out of Your Photo Session

A photo session doesn’t happen everyday. For many people, it’s an investment in the future. So it’s worth spending a little extra time preparing for the sitting. Here are a few tips to help your session go smoothly:

Spend some time chatting with your photographer when you book your appointment.  Share concerns, ask a few questions… this gives the photographer a chance to get to know you and your family as well.

Coordinate clothing. Solid colors are best, but also choose clothing that is flattering as well.  Portraits are about people and personality. The expression should say it all, not the clothes! 

 Spend a little extra time and care on makeup and hair. Bring the brush, the comb, the hairspray and gel, particularly if it is a windy day and outdoor shots are planned.  Considering a haircut? Make sure your appointment is a couple weeks in advance of the photo session to ensure a smooth even look in close up shots. Group portraits can be shot full length on occasion, so make sure everyone is wearing appropriate footgear (sometimes bare feet is the best way to go!)

Relax and enjoy yourself. It will show!

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