Getting Comfortable in front of the Camera

Hate getting your picture taken? Never satisfied with the way you look in your photographs? Here are a few tips from the other side of the camera.

Recognize that you’re probably feeling just a bit self conscious. Relax. It’s natural to feel this way. The important thing is to move on from those thoughts. You want to get the best possible photos, right? Your photographer does too.  All in all,  you are both on the same page and it is important to remember that. It is okay to relax and trust the photographer.

Here’s another secret, those folks who always take great pictures? Well most of them probably have plenty of practice at it. People who are always getting in front of the crowd or in front of a camera, tend to be more relaxed, just from repeated practice …….and that’s the secret. What’s the old saying? “Practice makes perfect!”

Spend some time in front of the mirror, practice your smile, get comfortable with your clothes, learn what looks best on you and practice a few poses until you get comfortable with them. Basically  just getting comfortable in your own skin and being happy with who you are will vastly improve your expressions and body language when the shutter clicks.

To get the best expressions for a group portait, let the photographer run the show. Each photographer has their own method, their own way of producing the perfect image. So just relax and follow directions. Typically a good portrait photographer has a trick or two up their sleeve in order to capture the expression of a wayward child or distracted family pet. Admittedly, on occasion, whenever children and pets are involved…sometimes everybody else just has to wait patiently for a moment or two.

Here’s another trick. Think of something funny. Easy to say, hard to do right? Well think about this ahead of time….before you get to the studio. Is there anything amusing that happened recently which still brings a smile to your face? Maybe when you were younger? I always like to think about the time my old hound dog ate a large extra cheese pizza behind my back.  I left the room for no more than 10 minutes and when I came back, that pizza was GONE, no cheese, no crumbs, no tomato paste smear….NOTHING! It still makes me smile to this day when I think about the incident.

Last resort, feel that stress building? Still just wanting to get the whole thing over with? Well, picture that nasty ‘ol photographer wearing a pair of  old red long johns and a silly shower cap and see if that doesn’t bring a smile to your face!

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