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Getting Children Ready for their Session

Photographing little ones can sometimes be a challenge, both for the parent and the photographer! Two words: RELAX and have FUN:)  Kids pick up on adult vibes and usually do better when they sense a relaxed atmosphere. Some children walk in the door very outgoing and rambunctious, while others just need a little time to warm up to new things 🙂 The more comfortable and relaxed your children are, the more natural their expressions will be….and this will show in the final results.

It may help the child to feel more comfortable in a new environment if Mom brings toys or other props from home.  Snacks are always welcome and serve as a nice break for the child while the photographer prepares for the next series of shots. Bringing things like diapers and wipes are a good idea for the little ones as well.

As far as clothing for young children, solid colors, bold and bright are good. Pastels are also very nice. Avoid busy stripes and patterns. Solid white against a white background or black against a black background can work well for certain kinds of close up shots  that can be very dramatic and really show off your child’s personality.  Bringing a brush or comb can be helpful too, to smooth down those those little wisps of flyaway hair.